Another Patented Apple AR Device

Apple continues to collect more and more patents, related to augmented reality. Over the past couple of years, the Cupertino company filed quite a lot of patent applications which describe various technologies or devices. However, Apple doesn’t stop there and new ideas keep coming.

Just in the past week, the information about the new patent appeared on the Internet. Apparently, Apple is currently working on a device, capable of laying different content over the real world. Apple notes that such a gadget can find application in many different situations. For example, users will be able to receive details about surrounding objects or learn the purpose of some items.

These innovations can hypothetically appear in Apple smartphones. However, the patent also mentions other options. In particular, the device is made in the form of translucent glasses. The person, wearing them, will see everything while the content is projected on the glass display in front of their eyes.

As already mentioned above, Apple has countless patents concerning AR. However, Apple hasn’t actually released any AR devices. Nevertheless, such abundance of ideas must mean that Apple really wants to develop this sphere. Let’s hope that they do a good job.