Android Apps that You Don’t Need

When you buy an Android smartphone or tablet and fill it with all sorts of apps from Google Play. Unfortunately, not all of them are equally useful. We’re not going to talk about games or other entertainment apps here, only customers determine the necessity of such apps on their mobile devices. In this case, by “useful” we mean “helping to achieve more productivity”. Most of the apps are quite bad at that, so we thought we’d take the chance to tell a little bit about Android apps that you can easily live without.

RAM saving apps

RAM on most Android smartphones is full almost all the time. But even when it’s full and you start a big, “RAM-eating” app, Android frees the RAM itself by shutting all processes with lower priority. In this case, the operating system is your personal RAM saver and you don’t need any other apps to do that. The same goes for task killers – all closed tasks start again immediately because they were designed this way.

Cleaning apps

The apps, which delete unnecessary stuff, are unnecessary themselves. All the cache data can be deleted in settings without any programmes. Plus, the files, which are considered harmful by such apps, can actually be harmless and even useful. So, Clean Master, you got to go.

Antivirus programmes

Google Play and Android itself play the role of antivirus in any smartphone. You just don’t have to download anything from unknown sources and you won’t need to cure your phone from anything. Plus, some phones, like Samsung, already have this feature as a standard one.

Battery saving apps.

Here is the disputable point. There are people who say that some of these apps can actually help customers. But you’ll have to do certain operations which take your precious time and nerves. Other than that, battery savers are just pointless.

Pre-installed apps

If you have the opportunity to get rid of some of the standard apps, do it without hesitation. Smartphone makers tend to pack many apps into the device, so it’s already filled before you even open the box. That’s why in this case – the fewer, the better.

In short, don’t fill your smartphone with everything and overload it. Make sure that you really need an app before downloading it. As always, our opinion isn’t the highest instance on this matter. These are just recommendations for customers, so that they could decide by themselves what they need or don’t need.