AMOLED vs LCD – Which Display Is Best?

Display is the most important part of a smartphone because that’s how we interact with a device. Consequently, the quality of displays is pretty important. Today, users still can’t decide between two options: AMOLED or LCD. So which one is best?

In earlier days, AMOLED-displays were more vivid and energy-efficient, but they couldn’t provide realistic color rendition. On the other hand, LCD displays showed colors as realistic as possible. In 2017 things are a bit different. Right now, AMOLED displays remain more energy-efficient but what about colors?

AMOLED displays deliver the deepest black color due to the lack of backlight. As for the white, LCD displays were always the better. However, according to Android Authority, modern smartphones with AMOLED displays show white just as well as LCD displays. In fact, experts compared color rendition in different smartphones. Although LCD devices, like iPhone 7 Plus, showed great results, the most realistic white color was delivered by Google Pixel XL which is equipped with AMOLED-display.

So, AMOLED remains a more expensive technology than LCD and the price is supported by quality – AMOLED-displays are in no way inferior to its competitors and in some cases they are just better.