Amazon Launched Its Own Social Network

Amazon announced the launch of its own social network called Spark. Its users will be able to share content and make purchases directly in this network. A brief description of Spark was published on the Amazon website.

The new service is quite similar to Instagram and Pinterest. Using Spark, users can publish photos and descriptions of products as well as reviews about them. Users with similar interests will see other people’s publications in the feed and will be able to purchase the product they like by clicking on their description or a photo. Currently, Spark is a part of the main Amazon app for iOS. So far, the new social network is available only to Amazon customers from the United States.

In addition, Amazon is currently working on its own messenger which, according to rumors, will be called Anytime. Judging by available photos, the program will be available on mobile devices and computers. Users will be able to chat with each other, create group chats, send stickers and GIFs and even play games. Finally, the service will allow users to listen to music, share locations and make payments, for example, to split the bill when ordering food.