Amadis Unveils OLA Payment Processing Standard

MONTREAL–()–Amadis, a global payment software editor, today announced OLA (Open Level 2 API), a standard that enables standardized interface between EMV Level 2 stack and EMV Level 3 payment applications, independent of device, Operating System or geography. It precisely defines the interface between the EMV and Nexo domains. The open and universal attributes of OLA enable merchants and third-party providers to seamlessly add the L3 payment application on top of any EMV level 2 stack from any supplier, resulting in greater flexibility, lower costs, and accelerated production of large-scale payment applications.

OLA is an open API, designed by Amadis, that serves to make the entire payments ecosystem more effective by normalizing card processing (L2) services required by payment applications (L3). OLA is a global initiative aiming to cover a missing key element in the payment ecosystem: the EMV Level 2 API. OLA is being evaluated by nexo, the global association dedicated to removing barriers in today’s fragmented global payment ecosystem.

“Before Amadis’ proposed OLA, there was no standard way for L2 and L3 to interact,” said Emmanuel Haydont, co-founder and CEO of Amadis. “The absence of a standard interface has resulted in a huge potential of variation, and possible customization requirements when building out payment solutions. The OLA standard encourages innovation by eliminating technical dependencies, while helping merchants to drive down costs, and bring payment products to market faster.” Moving away from proprietary protocols to standardization is beneficial to all stakeholders in the payments ecosystem.

The OLA Interface facilitates developing applications and integrating into a payment processors. With the influx of new digital, contactless and tap-to-pay payment options, OLA enables a standardized, streamlined way for L2 and L3 applications to communicate. OLA enables a more adaptable payment architecture, by providing a standard interface for a L3 Payment Application integration on covering all needed POI services (L2 Kernel, Security services, OS services), greatly facilitating generic application developments on supporting EMV payment terminals (POIs). Enabling OLA is an outcome of the Amadis vision to deliver universal payment acceptance technology and standards.

About Amadis

Amadis is a leader in payment card acceptance software technology, with its software running on more than 50 million devices worldwide. Amadis has been driving the evolution and advances in the payments industry for over 15 years, with an approach that elevates universal, open solution architecture, and moves away from the dependence on proprietary, inflexible solutions. The company provides state-of-the-art software products, frameworks and solutions for global merchants, payment terminal manufacturers and payment processors. Amadis provides merchants with the industry’s broadest range of EMV card processing options using custom or commercially available technology, independent of hardware, operating system or geography. The company brings an elite, experienced software team to the industry and enables solutions for international acceptors in over 23 countries. Learn more at



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