Best All-in-One Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank USB Adapter

Some mobile devices are Qi enabled, others are not, but the fact that they all need to be charged often does not change. Often, we are in situations, where we need to charge our mobile device on the go. Finding a power outlet can be an additional hassle, and investing in a quality power bank is a great idea. In this review, we observed all features of one of the best selling All-in-One travel gadget – Qi Wireless Charger 6700mAh Power Bank USB Adapter.

One great part about this multi-functional power bank, is its compact size. It is exceptionally portable and easy to bring along with you, with it being only 8.00 x 8.00 x 2.90 cm, with a weight of 228 grams. Easily place it in your pocket or in any bag. Using it is very easy to do.

All-in-One Qi Charger

First of all, charge it through a wall socket, the LCD screen on it will begin to flicker, and once the battery is fully charged, it will show 100 percent, and you are ready to go. The 6700mAh battery installed, is made to charge all modern smartphones up to several times. When needing to use it, lightly press on the power button, and the power bank will begin working. Place any Qi enabled smartphone onto the charging pad. It also includes a type-C port and two USB-A ports for other devices.

All-in-One USB Adapter

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The LCD screen will always let you know how much percent of charge is left. Best of all, this charging power bank can be used worldwide with the changeable wall socket. Using this power bank is safe, as it has full protection from overcharging, overheating, and over discharge. Input is AC90-240V, with the AC charge being 5V. Both the type-C output and both of the USB ports have input of 5V.

This Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank is offered right now for a reasonable price on the market. It is convenient for many different reasons. Not only is it compact, it is unique with its variety of charging methods, which you cannot find often. Charge your modern Qi enabled devices, or any other smartphone or mobile devices through the different ports. Always have a fully charged mobile device!

All-in-One travel gadget Qi Wireless Charger
6700mAh Power Bank USB Adapter

6700mAh Power Bank USB Adapter