All in One Smart Home Security System with 360 Degree Camera

Lots of people don’t think about security at home until it’s too late and they’ve become victims. One of the greatest way to make sure that you’re protected is to put money into a house security system. Zmodo Pivot Smart Home Security Wireless Rotating Camera is a multifunctional all-in-one gadget that will ensure full protection of your house any time.

The camera has a 360 degrees viewing angle which means nothing will pass past it. You would be able to set up and customize motion alerts so as not to get useless messages. However, the camera is not just a camera. It is also actually a humidity and temperature monitor, a Bluetooth wireless speaker, and a two-way talk with your family.

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Yes, by getting just one item, you will get the whole pack. Finally, if you keep forgetting about things, you would love to know that the device also comes with window/door sensor and would tell you if you left something open. And, as a bonus, you can record your crazy mornings in a great 1080p HD resolution, that must be fun.

Security system for your house is surely not so necessary but is an extremely smart choice for everyone who wants peace of mind. The Zmodo Pivot Smart Home Security Wireless Rotating Camera created with family lifestyle consideration in mind.

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