All-in-one Electric Rotary Drill Grinder Engraver Polisher

Drillpro AC Electric Rotary Drill can work as Grinder or Engraver or Polisher. We do not really know what would be the best name for this, because this device is highly multifunctional. So, the gadget features lightweight design which ensures precise operation as well as quiet work. This also makes the drill compact and portable. The electric polisher is perfect for working with sculpture, polished jade, stone, glass, wood, computer case, circuit boards and PC material drilling.

Drill Grinder Engraver Polisher

As the name suggests, it will provide you with a lot of choice and freedom of what to do. The toolkit comes with different heads, accessories, appliances, which further increases your possibilities. Additionally, to insure precise operation, the device has 6 different speed modes that allow you to either work fast and hard or accurate and slow.

    • Rated Voltage: 220V AC
    • Cycle: 50~60HZ
    • Collect capacity: 0.5~3.2mm
    • Power: 180W
  • RPM: 8000–30,000/ min

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