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All Connectors Mobile C50 Functional Universal Flash Drive

Now, most flash drives are equipped with standard USB-A connectors. However, more and more laptops are receiving USB-C ports. For instance, MacBook Pro is fitted only with Type-C ports. That’s why it would be convenient to have one flash drive for all ports. Apparently, the company Silicon Power had the same idea – it made a universal flash drive with all connectors, called Mobile C50. And here is brief review.

This is a totally universal accessory because it has everything on board: USB-A, USB-C and USB Micro-B. All connectors are conveniently concealed. When necessary, Mobile C50 folds out like a transformer. A regular USB-A connector can be inserted in any PC or laptop. If you own a MacBook, you’d be more interested in a USB-C connector. And lastly, to connect the drive straight to a smartphone (mostly Android), there is a microUSB connector.

Universal Flash Drive

This accessory is a perfect idea for a busy office worker who often uses different laptops and other devices. Apart from its versatility, Mobile C50 is also well-protected – it’s resistant to water, dust and high temperatures.

Mobile C50 comes in 3 versions depending on their capacity: 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. Yet, there was no information about the price or release date of this gadget, so we’d have to wait for more updates.