Alfawise Mixer Ice-Crushing Mode Professional Blender

Alfawise Professional Blender
So it is very simple to use and perfect for a quick drink to boost your energy. There is a wide LED panel that shows the time to make sure you always cook your foods right. There are 9 adjustable speeds as well as 3 programs, namely smoothie, juicing and ice-crushing mode. The smart juicer is also equipped with an auto-off technology, meaning it would switch off automatically if the lid is open or the container is removed from the base to ensure maximum safety. The blender also comes with an easy-to-use pulse mode and an on-off controller. Finally, it works super quietly: the sound is less than 80db.

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Alfawise Professional Blender 2L Mixer
Alfawise Professional Blender 2L Mixer 30000 RPM Juicer comes with a 2l jar so it is great for a family breakfast or smoothie break. There is also a quantity meddle to ensure you mix everything in right proportions. All parts are LFGB approved, high temperature-resistant and eco-friendly. The mixer is also not that big (9.00×19.00×46.00 cm), relatively lightweight and portable, so it is perfect for home or office usage. Additionally, you do not have to worry about cleaning, you can easily do it in the dishwasher and nothing would happen to the machine.
Alfawise Blender and juicer, being suitable for almost any food you can imagine, would make a nice addition to any household. It nice and stylish and very easy to use so you will not have any problems cooking your favorite juices or smoothies to power your day.

Alfawise 2L Mixer for Home
Ice-crushing Mode Professional Blender

Alfawise Professional Blender Mixer