Alfawise Powerful 2-in-1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

While smart cleaning robots are conquering household market, there still is enough room for upgraded vacuum cleaners. And that is no wonder, as the latter are cheaper, but oftentimes more powerful and thorough, as well as unlikely to wreak havoc due to a program lag. That being said, in the following review we have a glance at the Alfawise Power Suction SV-829 Powerful 2-in-1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

First and foremost, this is a match if you want to ditch old heavy vac, but do want to control cleaning and don’t devote this completely to a robot. Many stores, stairs, doorsteps in your house and a car that needs a monthly touch up also mean handled vac is the most convenient option out there.

Alfawise SV - 829 Vacuum Cleaner

Alfawise Powerful Handheld Vacuum Cleaner,
12000Pa Power Suction, Ergonomic handle design

As for this particular item, it is pretty comfortable – not too heavy, with an extendable rod (extremely handy to adjust to different cleaning spaces and purposes, switching between furniture of different size rooms), and eco-friendly washable filters – that means you are not wasting cloth and damaging nature. Less consumables mean less waste footprint on Earth.

Some people may find vigorous blue color of the vac to be irritating. Also, the cord is only 3 meters and something, which means the user has either to use extension cord or change electric points while going around the room. In spite of these nuances, two crevice tools make a good advantage. In case you are a lazy cleaner, they go under the beds and in-between walls and drawers instead of you. Though, a round nylon brush might be abandoned in the package if you prefer ordinary wipes.

Another bonus is that Alfawise vac is very budget. The noise is lower than 70dB – that is a medium point. Finally, the suction power is enough to combat different kinds of debris, and the unit is very sturdy and capable of working for long with no lags. In a word, go for Alfawise SV – 829 Powerful 2-in-1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner if you need an affordable, basic and universal cleaning unit.