Alexa Will Be Integrated with Wearables

Qualcomm Technologies announced that the members of the Qualcomm eXtension programme will be able to integrate the voice assistant Alexa into wearable devices. The feature will be available on Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio CSR8670 and CSR8675 chipsets. The list of devices includes headphones, speakers, fitness trackers, and so on. From now on, users will be able operate Alexa by naming the key word. Wearable devices process a voice command and then transmit it to a smartphone.

The list of topics is quite versatile. Users may ask their devices about weather, latest news, transport events, music, and so on, Information output is made based on open sources from the Internet. The integration of triggering commands in existing and new devices will contribute to the expansion of commercial technology with voice activation.

According to Qualcomm representatives, this programme was created to help participants integrate voice activation services into their devices due to the Bluetooth Audio platform. Considering that Alexa is a very popular voice assistant, more and more users will have access to its convenient functionality.