AirScale YHF1546 Lightweight App Control Smart Body Scale

Smart scales are wreaking havoc in fitness industry today, bringing new factors such as fat, bone, water and muscle body mass to general audience. In this review we’ll talk about gadget for home – AirScale Lightweight App control Smart Body Scale.

AirScale Smart Body Scale

Honestly saying, the proximity of of smart scales is still much lower that the accuracy of clinical estimation. All you can expect even from the best gadget – at least approximate bio impedance figures, information storage and analysis, and long years of work to keep the check up regular. Like in Xiaomi, the scales can pair up with a smartphone app via 4.0 Bluetooth.

After that the data can be shared to the Cloud storage – so your dietitian can download it before an appointment. Thus, you can track your gains and weight loss, as sometimes your day-to-day progress may vary due to water retention, hormonal changes or allergic reactions, but over a week and comparing week to week alternations, you will see real changes in fat versus bone and muscle ratio.

AirScale YHF1546 Body Scale

What I also like is the design of the scales. They are very minimalist, with nice rounded edges and round window in the center – this look won’t clog your bathroom or vanity with unnecessary color or shape spots. Another fact that seems very practical to me is portability – you can go to a vacation and still check up all the factors. With my previous scales made of ordinary glass it was a complete disaster – packing them into tons of wraps and then into the carton box, which took lots of space in my travel bag. Due to tempered glass those are more sturdy, so you can simply put them in one-layer bag. Sadly, there is none in the package, but you can sew one yourself or use an old netbook case. The only flaw is that it might be tricky to get used to all the settings and measurements – so just follow the manual and don’t throw it out right away.

For The Most Part, this unit is rather on a pricier side, but it gives you lots of data – BMI, weight, body fat, body water, bone density, body muscle and bone mass. If you are only starting your fitness journey, smart scales would give you lots of motivation and understanding, and if you just want to level up your fitness routine, those would provide you with plenty of data.

AirScale Lightweight Smart Body Scale