AirThread AirPods Stylish Anti-Lost Strap

Today, we’ll introduce you to a very interesting accessory for AirPods but let’s start with a little backstory. In September 2016, Apple introduced iPhone 7 and confused the world with an interesting novelty – the smartphone didn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. This divided fans into 2 groups: the ones who liked the novelty and the ones who hated it. On one hand, everyone was already used to wearing regular wired headphones and the changes were unnecessary. On the other hand, Apple made the life of their users more comfortable. How? By introducing new wireless headphones – AirPods.

The AirPods is pair of practical wireless earbuds that connect to Apple devices via Bluetooth. Their biggest advantage is a total absence of wires – they don’t get tangled. Although the AirPods were released after a serious delay, they turned out to be a high-quality device with impressive sound characteristics.

However, one flaw was obvious – if the earbuds fall out, they will drop right on the ground, which means that it’s easy to lose them. Considering how much they cost, you would never want that to happen. Of course, Apple assured everybody that the AirPods perfectly fit into ears and they aren’t supposed to fall out but a little more safety wouldn’t spoil anything.

This situation inspired many mobile accessory companies. They came up with all kinds of accessories that could eliminate the problem of losing your AirPods. And today, we have a review of stylish and effective accessory. It’s AirPods AirThread Anti-Lost Strap made by Turtleneck.

AirPods Anti-Lost Strap

Turtleneck is a company based in Norway and its main goal is creating fashionable accessories that could make our life easier and more fun. The company has a selection of different accessories but the AirThread instantly attracted our attention.

Black AirPods Anti-Lost Strap

Why? Because it’s the simplest idea that was turned into reality with high quality. Seriously, what could be simpler than connecting your AirPods with a piece of rope in order not to ever lose them? But Turtleneck took this idea and transformed it into a great accessory that would be appreciated by all AirPods owners. Let’s find out what makes the AirThread so valuable.

AirPods Stylish AirThread Anti-Lost StrapThe AirThread is basically what it sounds like – it’s a relatively short thread (approximately 55cm long) with special connectors on both ends for the AirPods. But an ordinary thread wouldn’t be worth a review. This accessory is made of a high-quality fabric – 75-denier knitted polyester yarn. In case you don’t know, denier is a unit of measure for yarn thickness. 75-denier yarn is considered fine, so it’s used widely in many textile products. As a result, the products, such as the AirThread, are soft and nice to touch. Besides, this cord is washable. After you’ve used it for several days, you can throw it into the washing machine.

White AirPods Anti-Lost Strap

The way that the AirThread works is pretty ordinary – you insert the AirPods into connectors on both ends of the cord. That’s it. After that, you put the headphones into your ears and enjoy the music. The cord cause any discomfort considering that it weighs only 10g. If you’d like a break from music, you can rest them around your neck. The main purpose of the accessory is obviously anti-lose protection. Here, the AirThread is extremely helpful. The connectors are tight enough to hold the headphones without letting them fall out. After listening to music, you can just put everything in a backpack or even in a pocket. Don’t worry, it won’t get tangled.

Gold AirPods Anti-Lost Strap

Lastly, Turtleneck has another priority – fashion. That’s why the AirThread comes in three different trendy colours: white, black and gold. All three options look quite eye-catching. By the way, the white AirThread even has hidden reflective elements for visibility in the darkness – important feature if you like walks at nighttime.

To be quite honest, AirThread and AirPods seems like a match made in heaven. Together, they make sure that users get a perfect music-listening experience without being afraid of losing the headphones. Some people might say that they can do the same with a shoelace but nothing can substitute real quality. AirThread is a practical accessory that truly lives up to the main motto of Turtleneck because it definitely simplifies our life and makes it brighter.

Find out more information on the official website of Turtleneck. Here, you can also buy AirThread and other products from the company. Keep in mind that AirPods aren’t included.

Stylish AirPods Anti-Lost Strap