AirBolt – Unique Smart Lock for Traveler

Traveling can be stressful, with a flight you have to catch while making sure you have everything you need for the trip, worrying about the safety of your luggage just adds to the list of stress factors while traveling. That’s why engineers at Airbolt from Melbourne developed a “Truly Smart Travel Lock”.  Their goal was to make traveling carefree and to do that luggage safety should be the last thing on your mind.

Obviously designed to be anti-theft, the lock can only be unlocked through the app you can download on your phone. It is easy to set up and unlocks with a push of a button on the app. There is nothing to worry about if you lose your phone, except the fact that you lost it, but the smart travel lock can still be unlocked by either downloading the app on another device or you when you are setting it up you can enter an emergency combination to unlock it.

AirBolt - Unique Smart Lock

Apart from being a lock it can also determine the location of your luggage using AirBolt’s crowdsourced GPS network. If your luggage was mishandled this feature can help you get it back faster than the airline company. And as a cherry on top it also has an alarm system. If your bag, or luggage was stolen or lost you can activate an alarm in the lock to help you find it. All these features make the smart lock presented on Indiegogo (image source) a well rounded device for a carefree travel experience.