AirBar Makes MacBook Display Touchscreen

Touchscreen technology is a very comfortable way of controlling any device. Most of them, like smartphones, tablets or smartwatches, are already integrated with it. However, users now can turn even their regular laptops into touchscreen devices. For that, there is a new gadget called AirBar.

AirBar is a small plank which is attached on the edge of the screen. Inside this gadget there are neodymium magnets and sensors. They create the mechanism on which the whole working principle of AirBar is based on – zForce AIR. Active AlwaysOn sensors build an invisible light field above the screen surface. These sensors detect touches and gestures transmitting them to the operating system. In addition, AirBar recognizes contact from not only fingers but other objects as well.

Powered from a regular USB-port, AirBar is easily installed on all laptops and works with Windows 8, Windows 10 and macOS. By the way, the gadget doesn’t affect laptop’s battery time very much. At least, energy consumption is lower compared to actual touchscreen displays.

AirBar comes in three different versions which resemble laptop screen sizes: 13.3, 14 and 15.6 inches. There’s also a special edition for 13-inch MacBook Air. Each one of these models will cost $79.