Mini Air Cleaner Ozone Disinfector Home Air Purifier

Air Purifier Ozone Disinfector

Air Purifier Ozone Disinfector, Home Air Cleaner
500mg / h ozone density, Deodorization function

With this purifier, users are sure to receive clean air. This item helps kill all sorts of bacteria that accumulates on different surfaces. In addition to that, it deletes different particles that are toxic, for example formaldehyde, toluene, smoke, paint fumes, and more. Moreover, this disinfector can even eliminate different pesticides that can be on fruit and vegetables that we consume. All impurities are dissolved with this gadget, and help increase the level of water oxygen. The density of ozone in this disinfector is 500 mg per hour.
This Air Purifier Ozone disinfector has many different buttons on the front panel that make it easy to control and set what you need. There is an on/off button, up and down buttons, and sterilize button. The package itself consists of the purifier, one tube, a bag of package accessories and an English user manual with instructions.
Air Purifier Ozone Disinfector has a very modern design. It is compact, portable and made with great quality. Price of it is rather affordable! It can be placed just about anywhere for the cleanest breathing air for you and your close ones.