Vava Voom Affordable Bluetooth Portable Speaker

On the audio electronics market we see a lot of famous brands but occasionally newcomers appear. One of such companies called Vava, presented their first speaker. But we’ll focus our attention on their more recent product, called Vava Voom 20 Bluetooth Speaker (also launched new version Voom 21). This portable speaker has some impressive details inside its compact body. There are two 8W drivers and dual passive radiators. A nice, additional feature is water-resistance, which is impressive for a device of its price (only about $80). Like most speakers of its kind it connects with all mobile devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. Other connectors include an auxiliary, a micro-USB and 1A charging ports. Voom 20 comes with a 5200mAh battery that can play music for 10 hours or power up your iPhone.

As for the sound, it’s rather good for the mid-range speaker. At higher volumes there is no distortion and loud music doesn’t get too overwhelming. Voom 20 is suitable for playing any genre of music at any volume you want – the listening experience is very pleasant.

Your favorite tunes from your iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device will sound powerful. Despite the fact that Vava is a new brand on the speaker market, it boasts pretty good characteristics. The most appealing one of them is definitely the price. That’s why it’s affordable to a broad audience.

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