Stylish Health Monitoring Sports HR Oukitel Smartwatch

The wearable market is filled with devices from tech giants, like Apple, Samsung or FitBit. However, all these smartwatches and wearables have one big problem – they are very expensive and not affordable for most people.
But what if there were a reasonable-priced Smartwatch device that had all features and abilities? That’s exactly what our next product is about – Oukitel A58.

This smartwatch isn’t even close to perfection, the functionality may seem a little “ancient”, the display – too out-of-date and the amount of internal memory – too little. Despite that, the amount of available features is wonderful. The watch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so that you could see notifications about missed calls or messages. Oukitel smartwatch works with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The watch can even be used to track your smartphone if you lost it accidentally.

Affordable and Full-Featured Smartwatch

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The Smart Watch performs well as a fitness tracker. It can do basic things, like counting steps, measuring distance or tracking sleep. Plus, the watch is fitted with a heart rate monitor. This sensor allows you to monitor your heart rate and even get actual ECG results. Other interesting features include touchscreen display, Siri-integration (voice activation), splash-proof body and high quality materials: stainless steel and leather.

All in all, Oukitel A58 is an affordable solution for a wide audience. The watch may not astonish you with its software characteristics but it copes well with everything it’s supposed to do. Simplicity and functionality – these are two great advantages of this smartwatch.