AeroMobil Unveiled a New Flying Car

The movie “Back to the future 2” predicted that we’d have flying cars in 2015 but it didn’t come true unfortunately. Still, this idea is truly fascinating and people are working on it. For example, the company AeroMobil just showed its flying car which can travel by air and ride on regular roads. According to AeroMobil, the car is already available for pre-order. The first buyers will get their flying automobiles by 2020.

The car/plane is fitted with two engines: an internal combustion engine for the “car” part and a propeller engine for the “plane” part. On the road, AeroMobil can do around 700km with the top speed of 160 kmph. The same fuel distance applies for the air where AeroMobil can reach the speed of 360 kmph. In order to switch the car to the flying mode, you just need a few minutes while the foldable wings are unfolded. After that, you just a 500-meter-long runway to take off.

Aeromobil Flying Car

Obviously, all buyers will come across serious complications. First of all, the owner must have both driving and pilot license. Second of all, there will be a lot of paperwork because this car/plane has to be registered as a road and flying vehicle. But if you don’t consider it a problem, you can easily pre-order the car. Provided you can pay $1-1.5M for it.