Big Headphones For More Volume and Richer Sound

In this article we’d like to share our thoughts about buying headphones. Hopefully, this information would help customers decide what they actually need. Today there are a lot of different headphone brands like JBL, Sennheiser, BOSE, SONY, Beats and so on. When choosing a new set of headphones, people often ask if they need big ones or small? First of all, you should think about the sound quality. In this case, everything depends on the size of headphone’s driver: a bigger driver means a better quality.

So, if you’re looking for more volume and a richer sound, big headphones are for you. Drivers in big headphones are 42mm or more in diameter, while in small ones it’s much less – 9mm. Small headphones are definitely more compact but they’re not as good as their big brothers in terms of sound performance. It’s like choosing between a 27″ iMAC and 12″ MacBook: obviously it’s much more comfortable working with a 27″ one but it’s not portable.

What about comfort and harm to your ears? We all love listening to good music and we always can’t get enough of it turning up the volume higher and higher. But we don’t care to think that this so-called “hunger” appears because your eardrums stretch. The ears require regular rest, so that they wouldn’t be harmed more. Plus, the sound source must be as far from eardrums as possible. That’s a big advantage of big headphones: you don’t need to put them in your ears, so the sound source isn’t very close to your eardrums. In general, big headphones are a great device for people who appreciate comfort and high-quality sound.

Best Selling Big Headphones