Most Advanced Professional 3D 360 Degree VR Camera

Most likely we have all heard of 3D virtual glasses, that allow us to enjoy different images and movies. However, there is a whole new level of 3D, that is the Detu MAX World’s First 3D VR Camera.

This camera is made to capture beautiful images with 12K resolution, 8K videos, and even live stream. With the Al chip built in, users can capture real time objects for 3D portraits. Built in, it has an algorithm, that is made to put together all of the videos, so users do not need to do so on a PC. You can make the most realistic 3D panorama images and views with the binocular visual image simulation.

This Detu MAX camera is the only one on the market, that provides with the option of taking 3D images from a small distance of just 1 meter, unlike the rest, where 3 meters is needed. All will be fully detailed and colorful, due to the high dynamic range imaging. The user can insert large SD cards into it, for enough storage space for all images and videos.

Connect it to your computer or live stream on different social media, with the possibility to connect it via an Ethernet port or with the 2.4G-5G dual WiFi. Control all of your projects and adjust them, through the app available for smartphones. 4800mAh battery installed, will offer up to 60 minutes of continuous usage. The tripod of course, helps in taking the perfect images, that are stable and clear.

This Detu MAX 3D VR Camera is truly unique. It is one of a kind on the market, and is currently offered on the kickstarter platform. If you are interested in new devices to capture images and videos, then take a look at this one.