VIVIDAY Electric Adjustable Pressure Water Flosser

The health of our teeth is important for overall health and even beauty. Most people are used to the daily routine of brushing their teeth with a regular toothbrush, and some have brought in the habit of flossing. However, the technology is improving and there are many other options for healthier and stronger teeth and gums. For example, the VIVIDAY Professional Electric Adjustable Pressure Water Flosser. This is the item that we have observed a bit closer, and would like to share more about it in this review.

Water flossers are a vital item for the best hygiene. It is especially important for those who are struggling with bad breath, tooth decay, tooth bleeding, have braces or bridges, or have just undergone an oral surgery. Water flosses remove about 99 percent of plague, and reach all of the most difficult areas.

Adjustable Pressure Water Flosser

This VIVIDAY water floss does all that. It has a large enough 600 ml tank for storing the water, that also has a built in tank valve for preventing water leaks. The nozzle is 360 degrees for easier and more convenient usage. One can easily control the water pressure from 30 to 125 PSI, depending on what is more suitable for them and their teeth and gums. They can also control and adjust the pulse from 1200 to 1700 pulses per minute. The higher the pulse, the more intense the massage is on the gums, and this provides with blood circulation into those areas.

Professional Electric Adjustable Pressure Water Flosser

One can test the pressure easily with the stepless pressure control, and pause the flow for the needed amount of time with one quick button on the handle. The handle also has a control for turning the flosser on and off. Inside the top lid, there is also a storage container for up to 7 different tips for the nozzle. There is a removable slot, so one can easily take out what is needed for them. Just two minutes of usage per day will provide with the needed care for your teeth and gums. After 180 seconds of continuous use, the water flosser turns off automatically. This is done for your safety, since too long of usage can bring damage rather than health.

VIVIDAY ultra water flosser is made to provide users with the greatest health of their teeth and gums. It is durable and convenient, as well as has great features for your full safety. Best of all, the price of it is very affordable!