Activity Tracking Small Smart Gadget to Manage Your Stress

Most people believe activity trackers are intended to be worn by athletes. Actually, you don’t really require a smart watch activity tracker alongside you. Spire Stone is one of the best selling small smart gadgets, which will manage your stress and track your activity on the daily basis. The device connects to your phone and provides you with data you need to keep informed of your physical state. It is equipped with a patented respiration sensor which measures your breathing patterns all day long.

When your breathing gets too tense or too low, the gadget makes a gentle notification so that you can focus your attention on your physical state and thus enhance your general abilities. It is also useful to track your activity and make it more effective because it gives you precise information regarding the calories burnt, steps made etc. The device is water-resistant, so if you forget to take it off during rain it won’t break. The charge lasts for 10 days in the working mode and recharging happens wirelessly.

Activity Tracking Small Smart Gadget

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