Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower 2TB Desktop PC

This gaming tower is of a black color with red accents, looking trendy and mighty. Size of this item is about 18.19 x 8.27 x 21.77 inches with almost 22 kilograms in weight. Moving it around can be hard to do, but it can be done and is worth it if needed.
Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower

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With this gaming tower, one is provided with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system on their monitor which is rather new, fast and has features that many do not know yet. This gaming computer tower sure is powerful and efficient with the Intel Core i7-6700K Quad Core processor with 4.0GHz up to 4.2GHz frequency.
Gaming will be smooth and enjoyable, especially with the addition of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 4GB graphics processing unit. All programs and games will be smoothly operated and fast with the 16GB DDR4 RAM, that can be expanded to 64GB, which is extremely powerful and one of a kind, ideal for all games.
Plenty of storage space will be provide for it all with the 128GB SSD plus 2TB HDD storage space. In order to prevent overheating, this computer tower has IceTunnel cooling system, that creates airflow. Acer Predator G6 gaming tower has one of the newest WiFi 802.11ac band, that provides with internet speed about 6 times faster than before. It also has a DP, HDMI ports, as well as two USB 2.0 ports and four USB 3.0 ports.
Acer Predator G6 gaming tower is powerful, modern, trendy and fast. It will deliver with the greatest experience in the gaming world, as well as other tasks.

Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower Desktop PC,
16GB RAM + 128GB SSD + 2TB HDD

Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower