Full Accessories Kit for Action Cameras $40

Have you ever seen the film about 33 unfortunate events? Well, with this Accessories Kit for Action Cameras you will be 33 times fortunate. Because the kit will provide with 33 in 1 appliances for Xiaoyi, MGCOOL, SJCAM, and GoPro action cameras. Let’s just see what comes in the package. Well, first of all you will get an elastic wrist strap to be able to wear the camera conveniently. Additionally, with black Tripod Mount Adapter and a helmet strap you can make sure that the camera is secure and captures all parts of your trip.

Moreover, you will also get a chest strap as well as 2 flat and 2 curved bases. Don’t get excited too soon. The accessories kit also features a J-hook buckle and camera tethers for more ways to mount it on your equipment. Check the product itself to get the full list of the options you will be able to get.

Accessories Kit for Action Cameras

33 in 1 Accessories Kit for Action Cameras

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