Mobile Accessories and Gadget Evolution Start from 2000

I would like to share my findings about the mobile accessories in recent years. The mobile accessories era starts from year 2000. At that time there were no smartphones, nevertheless, we saw PDAs (handheld PC) on the market, for which famous brands offered cases. With an appearance of the iPhone 3, companies started to create new brands to provide fashionable accessories. Accessory market was not crowded at that time.

To the emergence of the next generation of a well-known smartphone – iPhone 4, many producers noticed, that accessory was a marginal product and those business would be profitable. By that time, the production for well-known brands went well under way, so, it wasn’t going to be a problem for Chinese factories to copy something for a new client.
Then, after some period of time to the appearance of iPhone 5, NO NAME brands started to emerge. It was those cases and accessories for well-known devices, such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Sony etc.

Mobile Accessories Evolution Since 2000

So, in the stores there were a lot of different accessories of well-known, middle class and absolutely new brands (which usually worked on their local market). The latter offered low prices to enter the market. The competition had become very tough and the pursuit of cheapness told hard on the quality.

Glut in the market led to dumping of a number of brands, some of them had to stop the production of several models or even completely cease the production of ‘unclaimed’ bags and covers. As a result, today, we observe a moderate interest to the accessories from the new brands. Anyway, there is no wish for counterfeit products. If several years ago in fashion were plastic covers, that are produced quite easily, today handcraft, that requires a special approach to create products, is more valued.

Vintage style bags and covers also become fashionable, it is really complicated to produce them, because of careful selection of the materials and a complication of the mass production. After all, I want to notice, today brands are trying to determine priority areas, where they can feel comfortable, despite a huge competition.