Bluetooth Game Controller for IOS, Android, Windows and Mac

The controllers can be a little finicky when it has to do with syncing them to the Switch. The thing that truly sets 8Bitdo’s NES30 Pro apart from every other controller out there’s the simple fact that it’s compatible with such a wide variety of systems.

The controller may also emulate touchscreen controls so you may use the NES30 Pro with any mobile game too. It’s more appealing if you would like a good controller is effective in a number of situationsespecially in case you have fond memories of Nintendo’s classic NES system. With overall buttons and to analog sticks it is a controller for every single sort of game you could possibly think of. Support: PC Joystick, Android Joystick, Bluetooth Keyboard, iCade mode, Emu-Touch Screen mode, Wii remote mode, Wire USB controller and more.

8Bitdo NES30 PRO Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller

8Bitdo NES30 PRO Wireless Game Controller