Big Screen Private Home Theater DLP 1080P Projector

Watching films on a big screen is enjoyable, especially in a great company. However, rarely do you have a big enough TV. This issue can be easily solved with 800WM Big Screen Private Home Theater Business Presentations Android DLP 3500lumens 1080P Projector. In this review we will highlight the main features of the model and provide you more information.

800WM Home Theater DLP FHD Projector

Excelvan DLP800WM Home Theater Projector is suitable for high definition home theater, private theater, big screen private theater, and business presentations. It is stylish and portable (weighs only 50 gr); therefore, you can take it with you. The projection size is up to 115 inches ensuring wide and beautiful image. The projection distance is up to 3m. The smart home projector would suit even big rooms. There are multiple viewing modes including active shutter 3D (creates a deeper and more natural image than traditional 3D), Digital 3D, 2D convert 3D, Blue ray 3D. Therefore, you can choose the mode you like the most to maximize your satisfaction. Finally, DLP projection technique ensures vivid colors and beautiful picture.

800WM Home Theater DLP 1080p Projector

For greater convenience, the home theatre is equipped with multiple handy slots such as HDMI, USB, Network interface, VGA input, AV input, etc. Therefore, you have a wide range of choice and can connect it using the most convenient way. The smart projector also supports DVD, Xbox, PS4, Mobile phone. Speakers are already built-in to provide you with amazing sound.

The smart projector is featured by 400 ANSI Lumens brightness and 1200*800 native resolution which provide exceptional display quality. The LED lamp life is expected to be up to 30,000 due to lower power consumption. Thus, the gadget is efficient, environmentally-friendly, and durable.

With a strong LED, 3D support, high-performance operating core and a wide range of applications, this smart home theatre will treat you to an amazing user experience. It will be able to output beautiful image and deep sound. Finally, with 3D you will be able to feel the movies. This smart projector will bring a lot of happiness and create a cozy atmosphere.

800WM Big Screen Private Home Theater
Business Presentations DLP 1080P Projector,
3500lumens, Android OS
800WM Home Theater DLP Projector