7 Common Android Issues on Smartphones, And Solutions

All systems have errors. However, we can do much to solve them, or even to avoid them. Let’s talk about 7 common issues with which Android smartphone users often find themselves, and how to solve them.

The battery is spent very fast

Smartphones are getting better and better. With better screens and better processors, they still have the same battery, which, although it is of greater capacity, still offers no autonomy for more time.

However, you must consider several things.

 •   The screen is what most battery consumes. Thus, you must ensure that the automatic screen shutdown is set to 30 seconds or less. If not, every time you do not turn the screen off it will take a minute or more, and you will be spending a lot of battery power without using your smartphone.
 •   Turning off the automatic brightness, and lowering the illumination level will also help you spend less battery.
 •   The location also spends a lot of battery power. You can deactivate it, or simply activate the energy saving mode, an option that you will find in the Location Settings.

Finally, there are many applications that run even when we are not using them. The best thing to do is uninstall all those applications that we do not use.

The smartphone slows down

Something with which many users of Android have found, is that the smartphone slows down. Everything is due to the internal memory of the smartphone. This memory has to have free space for the smartphone to work correctly.

How to free memory?

 •   Make sure you have a microSD card in which all possible files are stored.
 •   In addition, applications, even those installed in SD memory, take up space in the internal memory, so it is best to uninstall all those applications that we can do without. Assume that you will not be able to have a large number of applications installed.

The Wi-Fi does not work, or the data connection

It could happen that the WiFi or 3G data connection stops working. In many cases, the simplest thing is to deactivate the wireless system and activate it again. If this is not resolved, we can also restart the smartphone.

My apps are not synced

Android has a feature called synchronization. Applications synchronize when you connect to the Internet to receive information. Thanks to the Twitter application notifies us that they have reattributed one of our tweets.

Sometimes applications may not synchronize. To solve these problems,

  Go to Settings, and in the Accounts section, locate the one that does not synchronize.
 •   We can disable the synchronization of that account, and then re-enable it.
 •   If it still does not solve the problem, we can check if the password we are logged on with is correct.

 •   Finally, we can delete the account and re-login, or delete the application and reinstall it.

Application Errors

Sometimes, applications have errors, which cannot be used. This is the case of Feedly, which sometimes does not start, and the application is blocked on the initial screen. The problem with Android is that if we go to the start menu, the application will not close, so even if we run it again, we will encounter the same problem. What we must do is close it.

To do this, Click on the menu button, or the button in running applications, which is the one next to the Home button. When we are already seeing all the applications, we will only have to move the app that we want to close to the side. Now we can execute it from scratch.

The touch screen does not respond

Touch screens have become the standard, but the truth is that they can have certain important errors. It happens sometimes that we click the screen but it does not seem to be responding, or it does not respond in the right way.

 •   Sometimes the solution to this problem is very simple. All you need to do is turn off the display, clean it, and then turn it back on.
 •   If the problem persists, then it is probably not a question of the screen, but the smartphone, so it is best to restart the smartphone.

The battery does not charge

Over time, it is normal for the battery to fail to charge properly. Most likely that is our fault. This is usually a cable or adapter problem.

 •   If the adapter is many years old, it may have been damaged, and we will have to buy a new one. It is also possible that it is a cable problem, so it is best to try to use another cable to check if it works the right way.
 •   If it is not, chances are that we have damaged the microUSB connection of the smartphone. In such a case, there are not many possible solutions. An external battery charger, if it is a removable battery, and a second battery, could be the solution.

Article by Shreya Kapoor from HateRateIndia.