7-11 Made More Drone Deliveries than Amazon and Google

When we talk about technology, especially in the consumer segment, certain companies come to mind instantly. Usually, these are big names, like Google, Apple, Amazon, and so on. And you wouldn’t expect someone new to be on the list if we mention drones, this seems like a big boys’ turf. However, all the big companies were beaten by a convenience store chain 7-Eleven (biggest in the world, by the way) in a very interesting category – drone deliveries.
That’s right, 7-Eleven overcame all troubles of the big city and manages to pull off the first consumer drone delivery. This accomplishment was made in Reno, Nevada and you can actually see the video. The method is quite simple – the drones seek for locations using GPS and arrive at intended places. Once the drones are low enough, the customer can take the package.
In general, according to Flirtey (the company responsible for the drones), 7-Eleven has successfully conducted 77 aerial deliveries this year. This is more than such giants as Amazon and Google. In fact, the average time between placing the order and receiving the package by the client was around 10 minutes.

The future for this type of customer service is bright. However, a new type of regulations is required, so that everything could work properly. Current laws in the USA forbid drones to fly out of sight of the pilot. For that, people have to get a corresponding permission. Therefore, all 7-Elevenn tests and the mentioned deliveries were made in the one-mile radius. Once FAA and NASA negotiate on these matters, drones could be able to travel for longer distances, maybe, even neighbouring cities.
If all conditions are set up, drone deliveries can create a whole network around the USA. And we’re not talking just customer service – drones can be extremely helpful for delivering packages to areas which aren’t accessible by any other way. Thankfully, many companies are trying to develop and perfect drone delivery system. So, don’t be surprised when in a few years your delivery packaged will literally land in front of your house.