Necessary and Functional Gadgets for Your Health

Every one of us is trying to live healthy but not everyone knows how to do it right. Daily physical activity, regular exercises and drinking water – these simple rules are neglected be many people. Thankfully, we have numerous gadgets today which make health monitoring much easier. Plus, they are smartphone-connected, which makes them your personal healthcare assistant. And in this article, we’ve tried to show 6 helpful gadgets that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Water filter

Water is the foundation of health of your whole organism. If you drink it every day, your heart, kidneys and even limbs work much better. But when the water is too hard or it contains any chemical substances, it may result in physical discomfort and diseases. All these problems can be solved by a water filter that works on a reverse osmosis principle. Such filters capture all harmful substances including metal and bad organic materials. Besides, nowadays we have smart filters which are connected to your mobile devices. Using a smartphone app, you can monitor water hardness and contents in real-time mode.

water filter

According to statistics, air quality indoors can be 8 times worse than outdoors. This, of course, can be detrimental to your health. That’s when air monitoring gadgets come in handy. They are especially important if you have little kids or any of your family members has asthma. In this case, buying a smart gadget for your house is a necessity. Some monitors don’t just give information about air quality – they also access lighting in the room and measure the level of noise pollution. All the data is usually displayed in the smartphone app. Such gadgets can be a great addition to a smart house. Once the monitor registers bad air quality, it can command other devices, like air conditioners or humidifiers, to start working.

Air purifier

Electronic Smart Scale

When you’re planning a diet or a workout regime, monitoring weight is essential. It must be done no less than once to week to make any adjustments to your training and nutrition. Daily weight monitoring is also recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) to people with diabetes or heart diseases. That’s why buying a scale is a simple step towards health. A smart scale is even a better solution – it transmits all data straight to the smartphone app, so you don’t have to make any notes.

If we look at more individual gadgets, there’s no better choice than a wearable. If you want to start living a more active life, fitness trackers are indispensable. For the maximum accuracy, it’s recommended to wear them during day and night. What’s more, there is no shortage of wearable devices on the market. There are simple trackers, like Xiaomi Mi Band, which have basic functions. If you want more activity tracking options, there are many choices as well (Samsung, FitBit, Garmin, and so on). Just make sure that the tracker’s features comply with your needs.



Every parent knows that it’s hard to measure the child’s temperature, especially when he (or she) is sick. Smart thermometers solve this problem easily. Some of them can be attached right on the child’s shoulder and you just have to press the button to make a measurement. Other devices, like Withings Thermo, do their job accurately just with one motion on the forehead. Such thermometers can be a great addition to your home medical kit. Obviously, all health data is displayed in the smartphone app, so you could monitor the dynamics of the disease.


Compact gadgets

There are numerous devices like that and they all look the same – small and fitted with a 3.5mm connector for the smartphone’s headphone jack. It can be a pocket VL meter (checks if lighting indoors is too bright for your eyes) for people with eye diseases, a UV checker (measuring the level of UV light) for sunny holidays at sea, a humidity monitor for your house or even a portable Geiger counter. Paired with accompanying smartphone apps, all these gadgets make small but meaningful contributions to your healthy life.