Flytec 6-axis Gyro Flip Drone RC Quadcopter

There were times when we could not imagine something that will fly in the air and film everything from above. Now we live where drones are popular among people of all ages for many different purposes. Flytec 6-axis Gyro Flip Drone RC Quadcopter with 0.2MP WiFi Camera that we have observed for this review.

Flytec TY - T1 RC Quadcopter 0.2MP WiFi Camera

First of all, this drone has an affordable price, compared to many different other drones on the market. It is lightweight and made out of ABS material, which also makes it durable. The drone itself weighs just 410 grams. 0.2 megapixel camera of this drone is sure to record beautiful videos and images. 6 axis gyroscope makes the entire flight stable and smooth. With the 2000 mAh li-po battery that this drone has installed, charges in about 210 minutes, for 10 minutes of flying time.

As well as all that, this Flytech TY T1 drone has many features to offer. For example, it can fly up and down, left and right, sideward, forward and backward and even fill out different 360 degree flips and turns. In addition to all that, this drone has features such as altitude hold, headless mode, one key return, for full comfort and the best possible videos and photos. One key is especially convenient, since it will come back to the place where it first started the flight from.

Flytec TY - T1 RC Quadcopter

2.4GHz expansion technique makes the remote control have the ability of regulating from 60 to 100 meters away. The remote control is powered by 6 AA batteries. Another added bonus of this drone, is that it has LED light for night time flying. With these lights, it will glow and be visible from afar. Flytech TY T1 drone is especially great for all people over the age of 14 years old.

Flytech TY T1 drone provides great quality photographs and videos at all parts of the day. Made to impress, it is durable and long lasting, with great features and flying modes. Best of all, is the price that it is offered for, since it is affordable for many. We can recommend!