5 Useful Gadgets for Your Garage

Garage is an important place for any driver. Obviously, it’s home for your beloved car but it can also be a workshop, where you keep your tools, or just a closet for stacking your other belongings. That’s why proper organization and safety are vital for a garage and there are numerous gadgets that can help you with that. Here is our short list of useful devices that any garage owner will appreciate.

Car Security System

As you can see from the name, this gadget is a guardian for your car. For example, Wibou Security System which is installed in a garage, syncs with an accompanying smartphone app and alerts you when there’s some suspicious activity around your vehicle.

Smart Safety System

These devices aren’t often made specifically for a garage. Still, if you live in a private house or a garage is close to your apartment, they will protect it from intrusions. Using a smartphone, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on in your garage.

Garage opener

There are plenty of garage door openers available on the market and all of them are quite practical. Devices, like Open-Me or Garage Beacon work from a smartphone. With a simple tap on the screen, you’ll open the door in seconds. In fact, Open-Me is even more functional. Using GPS and Wi-Fi, it knows when you’re driving to the door in your car and opens it. For that, a smartphone with the company app must be in the car.

Smart garage

Such system transforms your whole garage from regular into smart. In addition, it works with any mobile device and allows you to turn on/off the lights and open the door using a smartphone. Plus, it comes with a set of cameras which provide you with a perfect surveillance system. No matter where you are, you’ll always have eyes in your garage.

Lifting devices

These smart gadgets are used for lifting and storing big objects, like bikes, kayaks or boxes. The cables there are quite strong – they lift objects up to 100kg. Also, the whole system is operated with a smartphone, which makes it even more convenient. The best example of such device is MyLifter.