5 Tips on Making Wi-Fi Work Better

It often happens when a Wi-Fi router in your house isn’t powerful enough to cover the whole premises. This can be quite uncomfortable, especially when you try to find something on your phone. Yes, Wi-Fi doesn’t work perfectly well every day but there are a few ways to make it work better.

Buy a new router.

That’s quite an obvious way but it’s often the most effective. This especially applies to the situation when you’re not the one who bought the router and you received from a provider. In this case, providers aren’t very keen on bringing the newest and most advanced devices.

Place the router in another spot.

Find the center of your home to place the router. Keep in mind that powerful electronic appliances interfere with the signal, so don’t put them near one another. Also, placing router antennas near walls and metal objects isn’t recommended either.

Update the firmware.

Although routers don’t need to be changed every year, like smartphones, their firmware has to be updated regularly to maintain steady functioning. From time to time, you’ll have to log in on the website, follow the instructions and update everything.

Choose 5 GHz.

Wi-Fi works in two frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The first one is more widespread it can feature occasional interference from other networks. 5GHz frequency doesn’t have that many networks. However, not every smartphone, tablet or laptop can pick up the signal at this high frequency.

Change the channel.

Usually, the settings have 13 different channels but routers don’t choose the most suitable one. Using special Wi-Fi analysing apps, it’s easy to determine which channels are “occupied” and which aren’t. A free channel can later be found from a router.