5 Helpful Smart Gadgets for Better Sleep

A human being spends one third of life sleeping. Although the number seems quite big, there’s nothing you can do about it because your brain stops working right without proper sleep. If you get irritated easily, you feel over-fatigued during the day and your blood pressure becomes higher, the quality of your sleep might not be that good. But there’s no need to panic because this problem can be solved. What’s more, you don’t have to go to doctors because we have 5 gadgets that can help sleep safe and sound.

Smart Nightlight

An hour before going to sleep, it’s better to relax. That’s why you need to turn off a TV, computer and everything else to calm your nerves and a small nightlight can be quite helpful here. Using a smartphone app, you can adjust the warmth of light in order to prepare to sleep.

Helpful Gadgets for Better Sleep

Although this doesn’t sound like a gadget, there are a few smart masks with built-in headphones and they are great. For many people, slow, peaceful music is actually therapeutic and relaxing. So, put on this mask, choose something suitable from your playlist, and you’ll fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow.

Anti-snore bracelet

Yes, snoring has nothing to do with insomnia but it still is a problem. It doesn’t only annoy anyone who sleeps beside you – it can be a signal of some issues with breathing. That’s why a special anti-snore bracelet can be of assistance. This device is worn on a wrist and, once it detects any sounds of snoring, it sends small electric impulses forcing the sleeper to move or change the position. After that, the snoring goes away.

Anti-snore bracelet

Sleep tracker

These gadgets are portable, wrist-worn sleep analysts. While you’re sleeping, the tracker is working. It registers how much time the user spends in deep or fast sleep. Based on the results, it creates graphs, so that you could see the stats yourself and find the problem with your sleep. What’s more, most fitness trackers are equipped with this useful function, even cheap ones.

sleep tracker

Alarm clock

Of course, an alarm clock is your worst enemy in the morning but it’s not that bad. Modern alarm clocks can be quite interesting. For example, a voice-activated device that turns of only when you tell him to. You can also program it to turn off after a clap of hands. At least, there is some kind of activity that can help you wake up.

Smart Alarm Clock with Amazon Alexa