5 Best Foosball Apps for Android and Apple

Apps are all around us and we just can’t imagine our life without them. So, if you are a foosball enthusiast I have a treat for you! You can play foosball on your smartphone with this 5 best foosball apps for Android and Apple. Read the list and find the best foosball app for your game style.

Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio

Android owners will be pleased with this game. The Foosball Cup is the first foosball application made by the Ludus Studio and people love it. The application has more than 13 000 downloads and the overall score is 3.8. The application offers highly responsive controls and realistic physics which will make you feel like you are at the real foosball table. You can choose whatever you like, from goalie configuration, difficulty, table sizes, teams and game modes. You can play a tournament or you can complete challenges all that with different national teams you can choose from.

Foosball Cup

Let’s Foosball Free – Table Football by Nieo Tech Co., Ltd

The overall score for the Let’s Foosball application made for iOS devices is 4.1 which seems better than the Foosball Cup, but we can’t compare them because they aren’t made for the same devices. This application is the best for Apple devices and it is made by the Nieo Tech Co. Just like with the Android app, this one offers many options like changing the camera view, difficulty levels, ability to unlock extra tables, but you can’t play with national teams. The free version has much to offer, but the full version is better.

Lets Foosball Free Table

Foosball by White Collar Games

With this Android application , you can choose the color of your jersey, but you can’t play with national teams so it is more focused on the game than on the tournament. It is much more fun to play it with your friend, especially as you can change the duration of the match and you can change the maximum number of goals in one match by one team. I see this app is more 2-player mode friendly than the tournament mode. It has two additions: the Slow Motion mode and the Super Ball mode.

Foosball WCG

Foosball by Illusion Labs

Illusion Labs are iOS developers who made this foosball app. You can play with your friend and with CPU and you can change difficulties. You can choose easy, medium and pro mode, whatever your skill is. But, that is about it. You can’t choose the color of the jerseys; you can’t choose the goalie system or the table size. It doesn’t offer that many options, maybe it is made for kids because they wouldn’t care about the options. I, on the other hand, do.

Foosball by Illusion Labs

Foosball by NAVU App

The game made by the NAVU App is very similar to the game made by the Illusion Labs. Not by the design, but by the fact that both of them aren’t user-friendly. When you start the game, you can choose between the scrimmage and championship. When you choose that, the game starts. So, no other option is available. You will get the red or blue team and you will play on the same table. Also, you control the rods with arrows which is extremely strange. I know you can’t spin the rods in the app, but there are much better solutions than arrows.

Foosball NAVU


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