4GB Is Perfect Amount of RAM for Smartphones

RAM is one of things that you always look at when choosing a smartphone. The bigger number is, the better the smartphone is supposed to work. However, that’s not always the case. One executive from Huawei, named Lao Shi, believes that all phone manufacturers should stop at 4GB RAM because this is more than enough for comfortable functioning of any device. In his opinion, the chase for bigger numbers doesn’t really affect the smartphone market in a positive way. He compared the situation with the famous arms race between the USA and the USSR during the Cold War.

Perfect Amount of RAM, Huawei

Mister Lao backed his statement with a few arguments. Firstly, according to numerous tests, conducted by Huawei, 4GB-RAM devices worked even better than their 6GB contenders. The key factor here was OS and software optimization. Secondly, supplementary 2 or 4 GB make production costs of a smartphone only bigger. This, obviously, influences the smartphone price. As an positive example, Mr. Lao uses Apple and their iOS where 2GB is quite sufficient for working.

Interestingly enough, despite all these words, Huawei still have several smartphones with 6GB RAM. Still, Huawei engineers don’t consider it to be a necessary feature.