4 Night Vision Cameras Home Security Wireless NVR Kit

This NVR kit can be easily and conveniently connected to your smartphone via the smart APP “IP Pro”. It supports Android 6.0.1/ iOS 10.2.1. and above systems. Apart from the phone, you can also connect your PC or tablet to control the surveillance kit remotely. The Wi-Fi distance of the kit is 100m outdoor if there are no obstacles and 30m indoor. The P2P function, which means plug and play, makes it even easier to use. Moreover, the wireless kit also supports video preview, recording, playback and backup functions. In case of unexpected situations, you will be notified by Email Photo or FTP Photo. The video format is AVI with 1920 x 1080 resolution. A hard disk up to 4GB can be connected to the kit to store information.
Floureon SN - NVK - 4008W20 Wireless NVR Kit Black
The NVR kit is equipped with 1080P cameras which feature an IP66 waterproof grade. The main specifications of camera include motion detection from 10 to 20m distance, real-time video capture, night vision, and support video control. Camera’s Field-of-view is 90 degrees. The surveillance kit is also equipped with a 36LED infrared lights. Finally, it automatically adjusts the Brightness, Color saturation, Contrast, and Sharpness of the image.
The Floureon Wireless NVR Kit package consists of an NVR, two antennas for NVR, an NVR Power Adapter 76cm long, one USB Mouse, 4 Power Adapter for Cameras 106cm long, 4 cameras, 4 Installation accessory kits for cameras, a User Manual, four camera antennas, a CD, and screws. A big shipping, indeed, but it has everything you need.
Floureon SN – NVK – 4008W20 Wireless NVR Kit will make a great addition to your house and make you feel more protected and safe. High resolution camera’s, remote control, motion sensor, and night vision, make this item easy to use, but also ideal for capturing videos of anything suspicious.

Floureon SN – NVK – 4008W20 4 Night Vision
Motion Detection Cameras Home Security Wireless NVR Kit

Floureon SN - NVK - 4008W20 Wireless NVR Kit