4 Aspects of Choosing an Affordable Smartphone

The amount of smartphones in stores is overwhelming and the choice can be difficult sometimes. It’s even harder when it comes to the middle-end segment where there are a lot of similar smartphones. In order not to be frustrated with your purchase, it’s important to take certain things into account when choosing a smartphone. Here are 4 things that you should pay attention to:

    • Processor and RAM – in middle-end smartphones, 2GB should be the standard. The more, the better, of course, but there’s no rush here. As for the processor, try to look for an octa-core chipset with at least 1.3GHz clock speed;
    • Display – there’s not much to say here – you need Full HD. The 1080p resolution is a great middle ground here: you don’t need more and you won’t like less;
    • Camera – don’t look too much at megapixels – they don’t define the quality of the camera. You have to see how the camera works in low light conditions.
      Plus, if a smartphone has a dual camera or optical stabilization, it’s better to go for it;
    • Battery – this is one of the biggest problems for smartphones, so you have to be careful here. A good starting point is 3 000mAh – that is sure going to last for at least 1.5-2 days.