The First 360 Degree Neckband Wearable Camera

There are a lot of cameras of different kind in the market. The most popular camera features are portability, image quality and mobility. What else is needed? May be hands free, wide view camera? The First 360 degree Neckband Wearable Camera FITT360 is a new innovative approach to share everyday experience, visited places, adventure, or traveling.

First 360 Degree Neckband camera

The camera is designed as an elegant, waterproof neckband, light and convenient to ware. It has three Full HD cameras that capture images and combine them into one 360 degree view.  The maximum recording time is 90 minutes. The images can be shared  via live streaming via SNS and viewed either on mobile devices, or with Virtual Reality Headsets.  They also can be exported and edited as 2k photos or videos, or in 360-degree.

The recording can be turned on and off by pressing a start button on the device, no mobile application needed. For jogging loves there is Life Logging Embedded GPS. All taken videos can tracked and mapped. On top of all these cool features this camera is also designed as an independent Bluetooth headset. Special technology dissipates the heat away from the neck making the FITT360 device (image source) vanity only cool and convenient, but also comfortable and safe.