3 Effective Ways to back up Android Phone Data

Any user who holds Android cell phone device must have personal information such as photos, videos, contacts, messages and there could be a possibility of having private documents. Unfortunately, a user may lose all of the data within no time without warning by the hackers, scammers and through cyber-attacks. However, there are some ways to safeguard your precious Android phone data. There is following given ways to protect your cell phone data to make sure you are going to lose nothing.

Ways to back up Android Phone Data

Create a backup for Android with Google

The modern Android phones have Google accounts. Users are enabled to allow Google to create a back-up for the data of your Android phone. It would be very easy and effective way to secure mobile phone data, the user just needs to use this to save all kind of information. But there is little issues may occur for a user that Google back-up doesn’t allow a user to protect your photos, videos, music, and messages or similar data. It is capable of securing your data such as contacts, app data, calendar, Wi-Fi settings and number of other cell phone settings. There is also a good way to protect your photos and videos by getting the help of Google’s photos app in order to create a data-backup for your videos and photos. Once a user has download this app into the phone, then every captured and downloaded videos within the phone will be saved in the Google’s account.

There are some following mention techniques in order to create back up for Android phones data with the help of Google.
The user just needs to tend towards the mobile settings and then go for back-up and re-set. Now the user is at next window, now select the given option of “Back-up my data” and then it will automatically get restored”. It is time to tap on “Backup Account” then enter your Google’s credentials and make a new account, in-case you don’t need to have a back-up for your particular Google account. Now again go back to the settings and search Google at the categories of accounts. Make a click on it and select the data which you actually want to sync within your Google’s account. Once you have done with the process, then all the selected data will automatically be selected and then saved on Google server then you can have an authority to get back your stored data with the help of Google.

Create Back of Android device Through TheOneSpy

It is actually one of the greatest cell phone data back-up application and protects and secure the data with the complete accuracy and efficiency. Once the user has installed the Android data back-up on their phones, it allows user to create a back-up of all incoming and outgoing information stored on the mobile phone device. All of the user’s smartphone data will be transferred to the cyber space account and then can be get backed by connecting to the stable internet connection. It allows user to secure photos, videos, contacts, calls, and text messages, chat conversations, IM’s logs and VOIP Calls. It also allows user to get all the data which a user have deleted any stuff incidentally or willingly. When it comes to cyber ransom ware attacks, it will not enable any scammer, hacker, and even cyber attacker to get their hands on the cellphone data. Most of the cellphone user thinks that their private data will be safe on SD cards, or anything else, but every passing day is proving that it is not secure at all since the advancement of internet and programing. Therefore, always pick a strong and effective solution to safe guard your data within the android device. TheOneSpy data back-up app would be the best option to secure your cell phone device data.

Secure Android phone Data through My Backup

It is very user-friendly data back-up software for android phones. It allows user to create back-up for photos, music, videos, call logs, messages and system settings. A couple of years ago this app was the best alternative for Titanium Backup and it is still very effective. The free of cost version of this particular software enables user to create a back-up data stored on phone’s SD card.


No one knew what coming next, either it would be very good for you or it will create plenty of issues for you. So always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Because issues like data breaching can create a huge setback. So, make your mind and create data back-up for your android phone devices.

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