Alfawise A1 Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds Specs, Deals

Earphones, I do not think modern people can live without them. The main reason is that they provide privacy, entertainment and most of the times they look very stylish. Therefore, it is advisable to think twice before buying yourself any headphones. In this review, we will tell you a bit more about Alfawise A1 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds handsfree stealth earphones to help you guide your decision.

The earbuds are featured by fast Bluetooth 4.1 technology which makes them compatible with almost any gadget. Additionally, the sound will not stop due to slow connection. Moreover, for durability, the headphones are made of anti-perspiration material. Earbuds would certainly serve you for long. Furthermore, for greater convenience, the Bluetooth headphones come with a magnetic connector for charging. The Earbuds are quite tiny, therefore, they will never get in the way. And if you are afraid to lose them, you can use charger as a case to carry them.

Alfawise A1 Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

Since the wireless earphones do not have any cables, it is possible to share 1 set for 2 people when listening to music. Due to the good battery, the Bluetooth earphones can play up to 3-4 hours of time. Additionally, the transmission range is 10 meters. This means you can leave your phone in one place and wander around your apartment without worrying that the sound will stop. The earphones would be very convenient to use while doing sports as cables will not get in the way while the anatomic design will not let the earphones fall out.

These Alfawise A1 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds will provide you with unique user experience. Not only are they handy and convenient to use, but they also provide you with many possibilities such as sharing music or cleaning up the apartment while listening to music. The earphones are highly durable, and the battery lasts long. Enjoy a freer lifestyle with the Alfawise A1 Stereo Bluetooth earphones!

Alfawise A1 new Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

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