Zeblaze Crystal Waterproof Color Screen Smart Bracelet

It is hard to find a person who would not like to have a smartwatch or smart bracelet. These gadgets are usually very convenient to use but also, they allow to operate your smartphones remotely. These are the two main reasons modern people choose them. In this review, we will outline the main features of one of the best selling budget smartwatch devices, the Zeblaze Crystal 2 Color Screen Smart Bracelet compatible with Android and iOS IP67 Waterproof Wristband, so that you could decide for yourself whether you want this gadget.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet

The smart bracelet is highly useful for athletes as it shows the heart rate chart so that you can get continuous, automatic and accurate monitoring. During exercise, you will be able to check your heart rate chart in real time to analyze fat burning and optimize the intensity and timing of exercise. Furthermore, the bracelet will be able to increase the quality of your sleep: the smart sleep monitor will help you make better decisions. Zeblaze Crystal 2 smart wristband will automatically record your sleep and then visualize all the data in the app. Since the smart bracelet is designed for a variety of demanding sports environments, it is featured by the IP67 waterproof and dustproof design.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Color Screen Smart Bracelet
Android + iOS, Waterproof Wristband

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Wristband

For convenience, the bracelet can be connected to your smartphone. You would be able to check your calls, messages and date reminders on your wrist. And if you worry about the compatibility, then we have good news. This smartband can be connected to more than 200 Android phones and iPhone devices. Thus, you can even switch between different phones, the bracelet will remain operational. Finally, the device has a 180mAh Polymer lithium battery that allows for greater lifespan. You will not have to charge it every day but also it will not run of battery out of a sudden.

This Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet is specially made to impress you. It would serve as a good treat for yourself or a present for a loved one. With dust- and waterproof design, large battery, compatibility with many phones, and convenience in use, this smart device will bring you a lot of happiness.

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Zeblaze Waterproof Color Screen Smart Bracelet

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