Bosch Go Best Selling Powerful Smart Cordless Screwdriver

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A sensible screwdriver was launched called Bosch GO. Bosch GO Smart Screwdriver Bosch GO’ smart screwdriver is the ideal tool for screwing tasks, it isn’t only cordless but also has an extremely compact design that makes it quite simple to use. It is a perfect tool for screwing tasks. If you just need to drive screws occasionally, you may also use a drill. Otherwise it may slip from the screw during screwdriving. Simple repairs on bicycles are now able to be completed in seconds.

Bosch GO cordless screwdriver is a compact micro USB-chargeable tool. At the back is an electronic clutch torque dial. Bosch states its new motor technology makes the GO’s motor 4 times more powerful than any existing similar screwdrivers. The Bosch GO cordless screwdriver also includes a “Push & Go” trigger switch system, where you merely press the tool into a screw head to begin turning them.

The gadget also received a battery indicator. Irrespective of whether the battery is completely charged, partially charged or flat, you can place it in the charging station without needing to worry about self-discharge or memory effect.


  • Size: 18.00 x 4.00 x 4.00 cm  (7.09 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches)
  • 1.5Ah built-in battery
  • Bosch Go 3.6V Smart Cordless Screwdriver
  • No Load Speed : 360 RPM
  • Intuitive operation style – Just push to drive screws (Push & Go)
  • Intelligent E-clutch stops when you want to stop
  • Micro USB charging port.
  • Battery Life: 1.5 Ah (inbuilt)

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Bosch Go Smart Mini Cordless Screwdriver

BOSCH GO Smart Mini Cordless Electric Screwdriver

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