Best Travel Handy Projector Portable Home Theater

Have you ever dreamed of having an at home movie theater? If so, then you probably know that a projector is the way to go. The market offers a wide assortment, but there is one of the best and a really great family oriented handy projector that we want to take a look at. In this review, we observed the feature of Cinemood 3-in-1 Magic Cinema.

This CINEMOOD projector is made to provide with many magical moments for your children and not only. It has an extremely portable and compact size, being just 3.1 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches with the weight being just 8 ounces, it’s great for use as a travel projector. With that being said, bring it along with you on any trip to use in the car, at home, or any other desired location. Made to be extremely durable as well, it is made to withstand just about everything.

Travel Mini Projector

Even though it is so small, that does not get in the way of it offering high quality images. First of all, this projector is made to provide with 1080-pixel resolution videos that are completely HD. The display of the images is made to be 12 feet or in other terms 150 inches on any flat surface that you have. Built in, this mini projector has a battery that is made to last for up to 5 hours of usage time and quickly recharges as well.

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Best Travel Projector

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Best of all, this CINEMOOD handy projector already has 65 Disney e-books and videos preloaded and up to 120 hours of other entertainment for your entire family to enjoy even when there is no internet access. 16GB of memory is provided for the rest of your different media. As well as that, you can also stream Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube with this device. Connect it to your mobile device via an APP and control it right from the palm of your hand.

This CINEMOOD 3-in-1 Magic Home Cinema projector is currently offered for the best price yet on the market. It is extremely kid friendly, and your entire family will come to love it. Simple, compact, high quality and convenient are already great reasons to look into it.

CINEMOOD Portable Handy Movie Theater
Mini Travel Projector
Includes Disney Family Favorites,
Streams Netflix, Videos and Youtube

Travel Handy Projector

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