Best Selling Budget Dual Dynamic Drivers Earphones

Jamming out to our favorite music is something we all love, mainly if we have high quality earphones to use. Variety is large, but some are not as loud or do not have enough bass, but we have reviewed one of the best selling budget in-ear ergonomic headphones – Original Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers Comfortable Earphones, that will not frustrate you.

These Xiaomi hybrid earphones are made to be long lasting and trendy at the same time. They have a basic design, but as we all know, simplicity is beauty. These in-ear buds are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They are included with four pairs of super soft silicone ear tips in the XS, S, M, L size to fit all and their different preferences.

A MEMS microphone on these Xiaomi earbuds allows you to talk on the phone with your hands being completely free. As well as that, you can regulate your music, as well as the volume. This is ideal for those who are driving, or have to do any other chore that they might have, where the other line will be able to hear you clearly at all times.

  • Original Xiaomi in-ear hybrid dual driver earphones
  • Dynamic and balanced-armature drivers, for detailed sound
  • Wire control microphone
  • Adopts graphene, thinnest, strongest material
  • High-elasticity fiber wire
  • 4 pairs of XS / S / M / L size soft silicone eartips

Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones

Dual Drivers Comfortable Earphones

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The L-shaped 3.5mm plug of the earphones is made to serve for a lengthier period of time, and will not wear out as fast as many others tend to do. For exquisite and sharp sound, the dual dynamic and well-adjusted armature drivers, with graphene diaphragm and high polishing shell are responsible. The graphene diaphragm is actually up to 100 times stronger than regular steel ones, for sharp, rich and clear sound. Bass is balanced out with different sound ranges from mid to high. The frequency response of them is 20-20000Hz, with a sensitivity of 100dB. In weight, there are only 14 grams, and you will not feel them when using.

These Original Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Dual Dynamic Drivers Ergonomic Earphones have a best price, and are made to be extremely durable and high quality. The sound will surely satisfy you, just as much as the previous users who are leaving their positive reviews. They are also extremely comfortable and trendy at the same time. You will not be disappointed in the quality!

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Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones

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