Light Durable Smart G-RO Carry-On Travel Luggage with Wheels

All that travel often, know that finding the perfect carry on suitcase can be a problem. Often, they are too big, or too heavy or not durable enough. If that is the case for you, then light and durable Smart Travel luggage with large wheels the G-RO Carry-On Luggage might be the item for you.

The dimensions of this suitcase are 14 inches wide, 22 inches long and 9 inches deep, with the starting weight of 9.3 pounds. This makes it light and perfect for fitting in the carry-on compartment of an airplane, as it fits all of the airline standards. Made out of durable and light ballistic nylon, polymer, as well as aviation grade aluminum and world class zippers. Large diameter side placed wheels are known as GravityRoll so that the user feels as if they are resisting gravity when rolling it. This makes the wheels not only durable, but great for any surface with no damage, getting stuck and the rest of the problems that might arise when traveling.

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Smart Travel Luggage

G-RO Carry-On Luggage with large wheels

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Most parts of the suitcase are made to be shock proof, so that your items travel and arrive in perfect condition, while the bottom is water resistant. TSA lock is already installed, so no additional ones are needed. All of the compartments are made for easy organization, which even includes a retractable luggage tag and water bottle holder. Top of the suitcase has two USB charging ports for all of your mobile devices.

Overall, this Smart Travel luggage G-RO Carry-On Suitcase is unique, not like the rest on the market. If it has interested you, it can be found on the Indiegogo platform and on Amazon. The price of it is the best one yet!

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