New 2018 Bluetooth In-Ear Earphone Wireless Invisible Earbud

Enjoy listening to music? Well then you know how significant it is to have high quality earbuds for pure, loud and flawless sound. We are used to the regular earbuds with cords, but the world of technology and music is evolving. Different wireless earbuds are being released onto the market, and they are just as great but even more convenient. In this review, we will observe specs of the QCY Mini 1 In-ear Bluetooth Earphone New 2018 Wireless Invisible Earbud.

Dimensions of this earbud is just finger size, being 7.50 X 2.60 X 3.00 CM, with a weight of only 110 grams. This way, it will be nearly invisible in your ear. Nothing extra is on the body, just two simple buttons and an LED light. The upper button is a Multi-functional one, and the lower one is made to control the volume. It is also made for answering phone calls, and has a built-in microphone for hands free talking.

New 2018 Wireless Invisible Earbud

QCY Mini 1 easily connects to any mobile device with Bluetooth V4.1 and will operate smoothly due to the CSR8610 chip installed. Clear sound? Of course! QCY Mini 1 has a 6.2MM micro driver horn that provides with a powerful bass, soft mid-highs and great sound. With CVC noise reduction technology, you will not be disturbed from the main sound.

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In-ear Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Invisible Earbud

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Since there is only one earbud, some might be confused on what ear it is made for. This model is made to suitable for the right and left one, depending on what is comfortable for you. The earbud is made to provide with 240 minutes of music listening time, and 80 hours in standby mode. Charging dock on the other hand, has 580mAh battery, that can charge your earbud fully up to 5 times. QCY Mini 1 can charge fully in just 1 hour. The package includes the earbud itself, 3 pairs of ear tips, a USB cable and the charging dock.

QCY Mini 1 Wireless Invisible Earbud is not just affordable, it is high in quality, stylish and convenient. Take a look at it, invest in it and enjoy all of your audio, as well as hand free phone conversations!

QCY Mini 1 In-ear Bluetooth Earphone
New 2018 Wireless Invisible Earbud

Wireless Invisible Earbud

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