Best Selling Smart Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping our homes entirely clean at all times can be a real hassle. Some of course, enjoy handheld vacuum cleaners, but they too take up our time and effort. Want to get the job done speedily and at any convenient time? Then you should look into a robotic vacuum cleaner. In this review, we will observe specs and features of the best selling XShuai T370 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

First of all, this robotic vacuum cleaner has the ordinary circular design that we are all used to seeing. Black color with rose gold inserts makes the appearance attractive and appealing to the eye.

Being modern and up to date, it can be controlled by a APP with support for up to 10 different languages, that will be automatically detected depending on the one installed on your device. Another great feature, is the vacuums support for Amazon Alexa.

Design and controlling is all great, but what about the inner characteristics? XShuai T370 Smart Home Robot Cleaner is made to be used on just about any type of floor starting from hardwood, carpet, tiles and more. Its ultrathin body of just 8 cm is made to clean under beds, tables and other raised items. In-mold labeling (IML) technology of the robot, will help it stay free from different scratches and damage.


  • Clean up the pet hair with ease
  • Intelligent route planning – Epson gyroscope navigation
  • Nidec brushless motor – electromagnetic induction without friction
  • Smart APP control
  • Support Amazon Alexa
  • 4 cleaning routes – meets all of your cleaning needs
  • Wet / dry mopping – 300ml large water capacity
  • Rubber wheel
  • Cleaning reservation
  • Obstacle climbing
  • Anti-collision design
  • Anti-drop design
  • Automatic recharging
  • Remote control
  • Ultrathin body
  • IML surface technology
  • For most floor types: Hardwood floor, carpet, tiles, under the furniture

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With the two-stage cleaning system, that includes side brushes with spinning of 16500 r/m and a motor of 1500Pa suction is made to pick up all dust, hair, and other debris, especially combined with the HEPA filters. Do not known how to plan the cleaning route? This vacuum cleaner includes intelligent route planning with the Epson gyroscope navigation which calculates the area of each room and memorizes what the layout is like.

All of us have different cleaning need, so this XShuai T370 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has four different routes such as automatic, S-shaped, spot cleaning and edge cleaning. For our convenience, the dust box is 300ml large.

What do we usually do after vacuuming hard surfaces? That is right, wash the floors. Built in, T370 model has a 300ml water tank for mopping. Schedule when you need the house clean and it will start working! It can climb obstacles, and is made to be anti-collision and anti-drop.  2600mAh Li-ion battery installed, is made to recharge automatically, for up to 120 minutes of usage time.

XShuai Y370 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will be of great help around the house for anyone with little time, small children or just for everyday use. It is quiet, powerful and convenient with numerous special features. Price is reasonable, so bring your attention to it.

XShuai T370 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Home Cleaning Robot

XShuai T370 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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  1. shahidsadiqg // 07.06.2018 at 14:05 // Reply

    xshuai is a nice brand to try.
    Thanks for sharing.


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